Well, we’ve been just inundated with questions since the site opened. Just inundated. So here are some responses just so I don’t get completely snowed under with correspondence. No doubt I’ll have to add a few more answers over time, but I think this is pretty comprehensive.

How many questions have you received exactly?
I told you. We were inundated.

Why do you take such an aggressive stance against mediums?
I always stand like this.

What are you doing in my garden?
Well, inspiration is a funny thing. It can strike at any time, and in any place.

What is it about the nineteen-fifties that fascinates you?
Did you read the “about” page? Did you?

What is it about the nineteen-fifties that fascinates you?
I know this is a “frequently asked questions”, but this is ridiculous.

Does it help to have seen the films being parodied in your show?
Hopefully, the podcasts can be enjoyed on their own. If not, we’re sunk. However, there will be a recommended viewing topic introduced which lists some of the more famous films. We think most of these can be enjoyed without listening to the podcasts. You decide.

A man has a clock that keeps excellent time, but that he has unfortunately forgotten to wind. Faced with this stopped clock, he recalls his friend in town has one that’s the same make. He went to visit his friend, spent the evening with him, and then returned and set his own clock. How did he do this correctly without knowing the length of the trip?

Before leaving the house, the man starts the clock, giving him a time, A. On arriving at his friend’s house, he notes the time b. When he leaves he notes the time c. When he gets home, he notes the time on his own clock, D. His total time away is D-A. His time at his friend’s house is c-b. The time spent travelling is 2t = (D-A) – (c-b) The time when he gets home is therefore c+t.

What’s you general approach toward the paranormal?
On tiptoe.

What happened to Episode 1?
Episode 1 was originally a pilot, and was never intended to be released. In the end it came out better than we thought it would, so we released it for a limited time only. Now it’s gone. Maybe one day it will come back again. These things happen. Because we didn’t feel it was our best material, we didn’t want it to be the first thing people listened to.

Why didn’t you follow your father into plumbing?
Is that you, Mum?

Will there be a second series?
Yes. We’ll start writing after the special to be broadcast in August to coincide with the Edinburgh Fringe.

Do you do live shows?

If you could be an animal, what sort of animal would you be?
A hard one to pin down. Some kind of jelly fish, maybe.

If you could be a science fiction character…
I’m going to stop you there.

Is this all you could come up with?
It’s been a long day. Leave me alone.

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