The Edinburgh Fringe Special Trailer: Dinner of Death

Coming Soon!

Dinner of Death – a 1950s style portmanteau horror audio comedy – brings you five interlinked, spine-tingling tales of terror, trickery and terrible cuisine. Let us take your clammy hands (would you like wet wipe?) as we lead you through valleys of werewolves, past cursed mirrors and down narrow twisty staircases that raise serious questions about health and safety, into cellars inhabited by devils.

Fear not we’ll be just a few steps behind you all the way.


Actually, we might wait up here, if that’s all right…


Available from the website and via iTunes from 7th August. Until then why not whet your appetite with the trailer:


( Music is “Intended Force” by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0” Words and pictures We Are Not Alone 2011.)

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