Conversations with the writer – part 2

(Phone rings and is answered).
Writer: Hello.
Producer: I think your draft got mislaid in the post. Can you email it?
Writer: Sorry. The dog ate my proofs.
Producer: What kind of excuse is that? I thought you writers were supposed to be more original.
Writer: I’ll speak to the dog.
Producer: Couldn’t you just chase after it?
Writer: I have a leg injury.
Producer: I don’t remember you having a dog anyway.
Writer: It’s a small one. You probably didn’t notice.
Producer: Big appetite, though. What’s its name?
Writer: Er… Jim.
Producer: Er Jim?
Writer: Yeah, not its full name.
Producer: What’s its full name?
Writer: We were never properly introduced.
Producer: Right. Email this afternoon?
Writer: I’m on it.
(Dial Tone)

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