Conversations with the writer – part 1

(phone rings and is answered)
Writer: Hello.
Producer: I was phoning to see how you’re getting along with your bad leg.
Writer: Oh, you know.
Producer: Good. How’s the script for the next episode doing?
Writer: Did I tell you I’ve got a leg injury?
Producer: Does it stop you typing?
Writer: No.
Producer: So you’re nearly done?
Writer: I’m in a lot of discomfort.
Producer: You need to take your mind off it. Have you tried writing?
Writer: I have to keep my leg elevated.
Producer: Does wiggling your fingers make any difference?
Writer: No.
Producer: When can I have a draft?
Writer: When do the demons next let you out on day release?
Producer: Tuesday.
Writer: Then it’s in the post.
(dial tone)

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