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 Series 4 Trailer


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‘We Are Not Alone’: A gloriously British romp through the peculiarities and eccentricities of the technologically flourishing, star-gazing, alien’n’commie-fearing 50s and beyond. The sketches – lithe, pithy and pin-sharp – come fast and flavoursome, each recalling those heady, high-strung times of science, space and Sinatra with a keen-eared fondness and affection. Splendid stuff. Carry on.

Joe Spurgeon – Editor, Venue magazine


 ParsecLogo2011_AWinnermain_imageWe present  our 7 part Parsec Award Winning audio drama series, Tallington.

In 2013 Catherine Wilder, a journalist on a local paper, is seeking to make her name, initially by making sensational stories up. As punishment she is given a set of declassified wartime government documents to go through, and among them finds a cryptic reference to a war time project codenamed “Tallington”. The memos suggest that during the war, the British may have accidentally stumbled across the secret of time travel.

For a taster please listen to our teaser trailer below.

Tallington – The Trailer

Trailer music by Kevin MacLeod (www.incompetech.com)


series2logo2Series Two is also still available to catch up on in the ‘Sketch Comedy’ section of the site (or via iTunes).


Scary Stories 1_1Scary Stories, and our Summer 2011 special can be found under the ‘Specials‘ section (or via iTunes).

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