Challenge to Newton’s Laws of motion

MEP Spencer Warden has launched a legal challenge for Newton’s second law of motion, calling it “outdated and morally wrong.”  In his statement, issued today, he says “These so called laws have been in force since 1687. They’re outdated and in need of radical reform.”

Warden also quotes a recent poll by Sceintific American which shows that 54% of people no longer believe in Newton’s laws, although it is speculated that the poll may have been distorted by anti-Newton protesters from “Equilibrium”, a non-violent US pressure group opposed to all forms of force.

A spokesman for the government said that Warden’s actions were not in line with policy, and that the government had no firm position on the laws, possibly due to equal opposition. He also denied that Warden was deliberately causing friction.

Mr Warden was due to be attending a conference on Newton’s laws next week, but was forced to cancel when he slipped and fell on ice outside his home.

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